Piano lessons in Temescal Valley

Meet The Teacher


I am passionate about teaching piano! I have been teaching piano for over 25 years, 15 of those years teaching piano lessons in Temescal Valley, and now in Chino Hills. After teaching traditionally for 16 years, in 2011 I was introduced to the Simply Music Piano method. I have not looked back since! The freedom and joy of music making that I have personally discovered through the Simply Music method has revitalized not only my own playing, but also my piano studio. I thoroughly enjoy “passing the torch” to my students: the current and future musicians of our culture. I appreciate the opportunity to share my love of music in a powerful way that really creates successful, self-expressed musicians. Making music together is a moving experience! One of the cornerstones of the Simply Music Piano Method is the accompaniment program. When students learn to play songs that their friends and family can sing along to, making music has a whole new meaning for them. The breadth and depth of this approach is boundless: students are playing accompaniment, contemporary, classical, and blues pieces from the very first level. Improvisation and composition, theory and reading music, are all a part of our journey. I love teaching and working with students of all ages and abilities. I feel that if I can help someone achieve success in music, it will help them succeed in other areas of life as well. Creativity leads us into the future. Who better to lead the way than musicians? After all, music tells the story of any culture. Making our own music is social as well as personal. I have a friend in my piano. We all deserve to have music as a lifelong companion, and I believe the lessons I present offer everyone that opportunity.