Online piano lessons in Chino Hills, the Inland Empire, Southern California, anywhere, really!

Take Online Piano Lessons From Playing For Keeps Piano Studio

Playing For Keeps Piano Studio offers online piano lessons.

If you have a smart phone, IPad or a webcam on your computer, your child can learn to play piano from the comfort of your own home.

online piano lessons
  • No more driving to and from our studio

  • Save at least 26 hours a year (based on the average 20 minutes of driving each way, 40 weekly lessons a year)

  • Save hundreds of dollars on gas money

  • Avoid possible contagious diseases like the Coronavirus or the seasonal flu

  • Get the same amazing piano lessons from us

And the biggest advantage of online piano lessons?

Online piano lessons are as close as your computer! This means that it doesn’t matter if you’re one mile away or a thousand miles away from us. You still get the royal treatment minus all the headaches of Southern California traffic! That in itself is huge! And no need to fret about finding a certified Simply Music teacher who is within driving distance because all you need is the internet!

In short, still the same amazing private or group lessons as if you’re here in the studio, but without leaving your house. Save time with no drive time!!

Why are we doing this and how is this possible?

March 2020 brought about new health concerns for you, for your child, for all of us. Not only that, we also understand the convenience factor. We are well equipped to teach virtual piano lessons. In fact, we have been teaching online for quite awhile now. Today’s technology allows us to do this with ease.

You can check out our setup here. online lessons set up

Your Child Can Learn To Play Piano Online!

We are here to help you have the best piano lesson experience from the convenience of your own home!

In order to see how we make that happen, go ahead and sign up for a Free Information Session! That way you can find out how we can give your child the best chance of musical success without having to leave home!