Why play first, read later?

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For the same reason we learned to speak long before we learned to read and spell. We want you to acquire the language of music first by immersing you in the process of playing immediately. When ready, we'll introduce reading. By then you should have an intimate relationship with your piano and a repertoire of about [...]

How many piano methods are there?

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Many! However, it boils down to two major approaches: traditional and non-traditional. For simplicity's sake, any method that requires you to learn to read music first (in order to play) falls under the traditional approach. Any method that does not require you to learn to read first, but rather lets you play immediately, is considered non-traditional. [...]

Does this method have anything to do with ear training?

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No, although the ear will develop as a by-product of this method. Students learn strategies or learning clues. Each song has a specific set of easy to follow learning clues that allow students to play immediately without having to read music notation. Once the learning clues are mastered, students will be able to play these songs [...]

Why don’t you have pricing listed on your website?

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We choose not to list our tuition fees on our website for two reasons:  Because we teach a very different method than most piano teachers, we believe that it's in your best interest to check us out first before we give you our pricing. We'd like for you to "test drive" us before you decide. [...]

I’m an adult learner, would this method work for someone like me?

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Absolutely, adults appreciate this because of the play first approach to learning the piano. Most adults do not have the patience or inclination to go through the rigors of learning to read music in order to play! We help you bypass the reading part and get you straight to playing great sounding songs from the [...]


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