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Playing For Keeps Piano Studio In the Inland Empire Area Offers Online Chino Hills Piano Lessons Using The Breakthrough Australian-Developed Piano Method From The World Leader In Playing-Based Music Education!

Whether Your Chino Hills Piano Lessons Are In studio Or Live Online, Our Innovative Approach Makes Learning The Piano Easy And Fun!

When you think of piano lessons,
what image comes to your mind?

piano lessons Corona

Your child painstakingly
learning to read a few notes
at a time in order to play a song
…with very little musicality?

The Problem Lies In The Misconception That “Piano Lessons Chino Hills” Have To Be A Series Of Tedious Lessons, Endless Drills, And Confusing Theory.

…and getting your child to practice.

And making sure your child knows how to practice.

This is where a lot of piano journeys end:

at the piano bench withpiano lessons in Corona
a frustrated student and a parent who has lost their patience with the whole process.

All for lack of the proper tools for success.

Did you know most piano students quit within the first 2 years?

Did you know the lack of proper practice habits is the reason for most of the at-home frustration?

Students quit too soon and parents are not pleased.

Who is to blame?

The student?

The teacher?

The parent?

The method?

The answer is a bit of everything.

Here’s what I mean…

Most teachers are pretty much still teaching the same way that piano teachers have been teaching for the past 300 years. The results – year after year the same. Most students struggle, few survive. No big surprise.

What about the dreaded practice? Students at some point hate to practice and parents hate to force their children to practice.

True, but it’s because most teachers, even those teaching Chino Hills piano lessons, do not know how to take advantage of cutting-edge technology to help their students practice better. In addition, they are not aware of strategies that could help students keep playing the piano for years. To make music a life-long companion. To embrace the journey.

What if you could see past traditional thinking and use a piano method that’s easy to learn and fun to play?

What if you could use technology for good? To make practice fun, engaging and social?

What if you could become self-generative and continue to play for years to come?

What if you really knew how to embrace the journey that is learning to play a musical instrument?

Well, I have terrific news for you!

The Search For ‘Piano Lessons Chino Hills / Inland Empire’ Is Over!

piano lessons Temescal Valley

At Playing For Keeps Piano Studio our piano lessons are of a different kind. We combine the right method, technology, and a sneaky advantage of our own to help you develop a love for piano. We’ll get you playing right away and keep you playing for a long time. We’ll help you foster a new friendship with your piano.

Our mission is to maximize the likelihood that our students make music their lifelong companion. We think we’re doing a pretty good job at it.

What Makes Playing For Keeps Piano Studio So Different?

The Method

Simply Music Piano
  • Certified Simply Music Teacher

  • Breakthrough playing-based approach

  • Play immediately from your first lessons

  • Play contemporary, classical, blues and accompaniment

  • Acquire 35 – 50 songs in your first year of lessons.
We use The Playing-Based Piano Method of Simply Music as opposed to the traditional reading-based approach that most piano teachers use for piano lessons in Riverside County. We teach you how to play the piano by immersing you in the process of playing right from the start. This step-by-step process is simple to learn, easy to follow and genuinely fulfilling. It focuses on the sheer joy of playing the piano.

As a result you will be able to play great-sounding songs, hands together from your very first lessons. Within months you will build a diverse repertoire that includes contemporary, classical, blues and accompaniment pieces.
By the end of your first year of lessons, you will have acquired 35 – 50 great-sounding songs in your playlist. You will discover that you have the ability to learn piano in an easy and natural way. Instead of learning notes, you acquire learning clues. These learning clues allow you to easily learn songs, which by the very nature of this method means you know them without having to memorize them. You will also experience the undeniable joy that comes from playing a huge repertoire of music that you can play anytime, anywhere, without having to rely on sheet music. It is after you have a working playlist and have developed a relationship to the piano that we teach you how to read music from the page

The App

Better Practice App
  • Innovative practice app

  • Keeps track of student’s assignments and practice
  • Makes practice fun, social and engaging
All of our students have access to the Better Practice App.  Students can access their assignments on the app as well as keep track of their practice. Parents can be notified by email of their child’s practice activity which helps keep them accountable.
Tracking practice with paper is a thing of the past for Corona piano lessons at our studio. With this app it’s all done online. Plus, students do not need to think what they need to practice first or last. Nor do they need to rely on any kind of system to track their practice. The app does it all for them. A freshly customized daily practice list is ready for students to use, courtesy of the app’s Smart Recommendation Engine.
It also makes practicing fun, social and engaging. Parents really appreciate the app because it requires less hand holding and “policing” at home.
“I really like the Better Practice App. There are no questions with my children’s assignments. Logging practice is so much easier and fun for them. I never want to go back to paper. Now that we are taking lessons online, the convenience is even more apparent..” Cindy Tkalec, parent, Guam

The Power Practice Package

Piano Practice is fun
  • Your teacher helps with practice twice a week.
  • Good practice habits established from the beginning
  • No more nagging from parents

  • The secret of “forcing” students to practice without forcing

  • An indispensable help to busy parents

Your child’s first practice of the week is supervised by the teacher immediately following their lesson, which not only increases the chances of retention, but also establishes good practice habits from the beginning. Having the first practice of the week under their belt before they get home starts off the week on a positive note and gives you a head start.  One other practice a week, online, during the teacher’s office hours completes the package. With the teacher available to answer questions and give feedback to ensure accuracy and efficiency in practice, this part of the Power Practice Package ensures that your child is on the right track, increases accountability, and helps you with your coaching duties at home.

Our students love being able to play different types of music from the start. They also love to share their skills with family and friends and enjoy sing-alongs!

The joy of music is not necessarily under the spotlight at Carnegie Hall, but in cozy homes where family and friends can gather for a night of music making. Taking piano lessons in Chino HIlls can be the musical family moments that you are looking for.

“The Simply Music Method and Rochelle rekindled our love for the piano at a crucial time when we were ready to walk away from piano lessons. It was a pivotal point that led to an explosion in the richness of life, learning and love of music that we could have never imagined! ” 

Kacy Tribble, Parent, Norco, CA

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Regardless Of How You Feel About “Piano Lessons Chino Hills”, We’ll Help Your Child Develop A Lifelong Friend In Their Piano

Call us today or ask for our FREE Information Video. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you are going to learn this way. Corona Piano lessons online or in studio can be easy and fun.

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